Height: 5'4"/164 cm 

Weight: 101lbs/46kg

Bust: 30" C cup

Waist: 25.5"

Hips: 34.5"

Shoes: AUS 6/EU 36

Hair: Dark brown, shoulder length

Eyes: Hazel

Birthday: 30th January

About Me

I am a professional model and all round performer. I am very passionate about modelling - artistic nude, fetish, glamour, fashion, underwater or conceptual. I love to express myself using my body as the medium. 

I am continuously developing my modelling, hair and makeup skills in order to be the best model I can be.  

I am based in Sydney, Australia, but I have travelled both interstate and internationally posing for drawers, painters, sculptors, photographers, videographers, advertising campaigns and in numerous workshops. I feel lucky that I have been able to work with some of the best creatives this world has to offer!  

I am willing to work hard (and get uncomfortable, if need be) in order to create timeless, beautiful and breathtaking images. 

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me! 

I started modelling in 2012. It all began with a few contacts I made through a kinky social networking site, As a result, my very first shoot was nude/fetish with two lovely, professional photographers. As it was my very first time modelling for reals and, on top of that, my first time being in the buff outside of an intimate relationship, I was shaking with nerves! It was a lot of fun so from that point onwards I continued to model, expanding my repertoire of modelling styles, building my portfolio and networking with other creatives. Since then I have been published in international and local magazines, and have appeared in more art exhibitions than you can poke a stick at! 

Fetish and nude modelling appealed to me as soon as I lay my eyes on intriguing images of various women wearing stockings, corsets, latex, high heels or nothing at all. (Does anyone else hear Ned Flanders' voice when reading the phrase "nothing at all"? Or do you have to be a '90s kid?). I believe that the path to my own happiness and fulfilment comes by embracing my sexuality and unique beauty by inviting other artists to capture it. 

I enjoy using my personal style and image as the medium in which to create art, whether that means contorting my body to fit in with a breathtaking landscape, transforming into another 'character' in order to tell a story, or enticing and tantalising an audience with fetishistic themes. I feel empowered when I have the opportunity to express my passions and desires in fetish modelling.   

I have always been of the artistic persuasion, having been on the honour roll for Visual Arts in high school then delving into stage and camera acting, improvisation and theatresports since I graduated from high school. I have been in more improvised stage productions than I can count. Essentially, an improvised stage show is a completely unscripted comedic revue or play performed for a live audience. 

While modelling and acting I studied psychology and gender studies at the University of Sydney, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2015, much to my relief! 

I took up pole dancing in early 2016. It combines a few of my greatest loves: fitness, glamour and dancing. This has been a fun and interesting journey, and I am excited to discover what the future has in store for me!     


Delicious Dolls Magazine October 2016

VOLO Magazine Issue 21

Kat Klub Taboo Magazine Vol. I

Kat Klub International Magazine Vol. II 

NIF Magazine x 2

Caramella Magazine Issue 14 Zine

People magazine September 2016

Nudes on Tap photography exhibition (numerous times)

Kinky Paper at TAP Gallery, 2014 (Mike Stacey) 

Nude Exhibit at TAP Gallery, 2014 (Len Metcalf) 

Dank Street Art Gallery (Christine Denegate) 

Winner of Fetlife Photo Competition (Christine Denegate) 

SH Erwin gallery, 2013 

(And many more exhibitions!)

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