I am forever grateful that I have these opportunities to work with artists whose work I so admire and love, and create art with them…

This set of images were taken by Brett Sargeant (copyright) a few weeks ago. We had been meaning to work together for quite some time so it was great to finally have the chance! I’m loving all of these photos. Such a range as well. Hard to say which one is my fave but if I had to say… the 7th and 13th one… But also love all of the rope ones! Which one is your fave, if you have one? 

Anyway, I’m thinking of starting my own Patreon page. It looks fun! Would you guys be interested in that? I’d post videos as well as photo sets (and probably some sexy nude selfies ;)). Comment below, let me know! 

ArtX Studios Workshop

are some photos of me from last month’s ArtX Studios Workshop… Despite
accidentally entering the wrong address into my GPS, having trouble connecting
said GPS to my mother’s fancy new Lexus and consequently ending up on the wrong
side of Sydney resulting in serious tardiness, I had a great time… Once I got
there. (Perhaps we ought to entertain the idea of a Street Directory Revival).

It was relaxed and fun, the people were lovely and, most importantly, there
were lamingtons available for personal consumption (which I readily consumed). 

The following images are by Zeeshawn Zafar, Nevenka Kr and Bind Protz

Published in Delicious Dolls Magazine!

Exciting news! I feature in the latest (October 2016) issue of Delicious Dolls magazine, an American pinup mag! Issues are available to buy online in digital, print or both.  

The sexy photos are from a collaboration between photographer Leslie Liu, hair and makeup artist Miyuki Tsuda and myself. I conceptualised and styled the shoot but I couldn’t have done it without the talented Leslie and Miyuki. 

This is hopefully the beginning of many more magazine features as I particularly love creating pinup as well as dark, moody fetish imagery. 

Watch this space ~ as they say. 

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