Palm Springs and Retro Glamour

These are honestly some of my favourite images to date. I feel so lucky that I had the opportunity to work with Leslie Liu (the man behind the camera) and Miyuki Tsuda (the woman behind the glam). I supplied the wardrobe! 

The first set of images brings to mind a woman enjoying herself in the wake of what had to be an exciting and glamorous pool party. The second set remind me of the girls in the original production of Grease (the musical, not the movie). A cross between Rizzo and Marty perhaps. Or like a modern version of the provocative, self assured secretaries of Mad Men. Joan comes to mind…   

Which photo is your favourite? ;) 

White Russian

Here is the collection of images taken of me by the wonderful and talented Mike Stacey. This shoot was so much fun as I really had the opportunity to play a different character. A woman with blinding platinum blonde hair, drowning in chunky bling bling jewellery with a leopard (faux) fur coat draped across her shoulders. It was also a lot of fun playing off scientist and life model Eric Clayton, who was transformed into a rich, sleazy gangster with slicked back white hair - quite the opposite to his real life persona! 

Burton Yuen created the uber dramatic hair and makeup look, and Gina Ananiadis styled Eric and me. All together we made a great team! 


Ivy Rose Raven. Sydney, Au.
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